Keeping Your Guns Secured In Your Classic Car

Classic cars are amazing. They are powerful, beautiful, and they drive like a dream. While classic cars are known to be capable of many things, one thing they are not very capable of is keeping personal items secure. Because most classic cars were built without today’s security standards, it is reasonable to worry about leaving your items sitting in the back seat or trunk. Gun owners feel the brunt of this problem, as guns are an extremely desirable and popular object to own. If you have a classic car and are concerned about your guns, there are a number of precautions you can take to ensuring that your merchandise does not get stolen. For some good comparisons, check out the video below.

Use a Vault

The first option to securing your gun when left in your classic car is to use a vault. Firearms vaults are come in many sizes, but for your car, a smaller vault is ideal. The vault can be placed in the backseat or trunk and left locked when your gun is inside. Vaults are also known to be extremely secure, as they are equipped with locks and code features. Choosing the right vault for your security purposes can be exhausting, so it can be useful to read about Firearm Vault Reviews. This will help you choose the right vault for your firearm and ensure that you are making the best choice for securing your merchandise in your classic car. ¬†It’s also a great way to keep other firearms valuables like the best optics¬†completely secure.

Try a Safe

Another option is a gun safe. The difference between a vault and a safe is that vaults tend to be bulkier, heavier, and larger than safes. So, if you are looking for something small and compact that you can hide under the seat or in the trunk where your spare tire goes, then a gun safe is the ideal option. When it comes to guns safes, there are many options. One popular choice among gun enthusiasts is a nightstand gun safe because it is equipped with good security standards and it is compact enough to hide easily.

Gun Locker

Lastly, if you are putting away more than one gun like an AR 15 with a scope or optic featured at, or guns that are larger than usual, then consider a gun locker. Gun lockers are storage systems built into your car that secure your guns. They are usually built into the trunk of the car. While it is a useful option, the disadvantage of a gun locker is that it means making alterations to your classic car and it also takes away precious space where you need it most. For this reason, vaults and safes are more commonly used.


You do not need to compromise the next time you drive your classic car. With the above options, you can still carry your firearm with you and leave it in your classic vehicle tucked safely away. Also, with the above choices, you aren’t limited with inconvenient options. You can choose what is best for your vehicle and firearm storage needs.

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